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A world-class bottling facility

The production facility was built at source to capture the natural goodness of the underground water. The hygiene standards have always been unparalleled and product quality is the brand’s competitive advantage in the market.

After the water is drawn from the underground source, it undergoes a refined filtration process to preserve Rayyan's natural refreshing taste of goodness. It is then bottled in packages of different sizes to cater to different consumer occasions and specific requirements.



The company has recently invested in a new state-of-the-art plant. Employing the finest technology from Sidel Engineering of France, the world-class facility has more than doubled the production capacity and awarded an ISO 9001 and HACCP certification for quality.

The high-tech, hygienic production line is highly automated and designed to meet the ever increasing demand for Rayyan water.



Quality is an important factor for Rayyan. We aim to provide all our customers with the best, healthiest water product at all times. With an emphasis on producing a product of the highest quality, Rayyan remains to stay the market leader in Qatar.


Factory / Manufacturing facts

1. State-of-the-art machinery equipped with high technology. 2. Equipped with a high-tech advanced laboratory manned by experienced analytical personnel to perform water analysis and chemical and microbiological tests. 3. Fully automated water treatment systems with advanced technology. 4. Equipped with superior production equipment from industry leaders like Sidel, Sacmi and others with automatic inspection stations. 5. The finished product is stored in a perfectly organized world class warehouse.

100ml/250 ml

Quick thirst quencher
Rayyan's small water cups are an innovation designed for single consumption occasions in specific channels. The cups are convenient for airlines, at educational institutions ,sports events, corporate events and weddings.

330 ml

330 ml natural mineral water bottle
The 330ml pack is perfectly designed to cater to an active ‘on the go’ lifestyle and is ideally suited for immediate consumption. The package is convenient for all occasions, and is consumed and sold across all channels. The ‘little bottle’ is extremely popular as a result of its convenience and easy handling - It is ideal for easy carrying, to have with a meal, a short break, at corporate events and for a quick drink anytime.

500 ml

500 ml natural mineral water ‘handy’ bottle
Rayyan has been the brand leader in the natural water category in Qatar for decades. The 500ml bottle is a visually appealing pack that is well suited for those active occasions with friends and family. Its resealing ability increases its appeal as it doesn't have to be consumed immediately. It is ideal for sporting occasions.

1.5 Lt

1.5 Lt natural mineral water bottle
Rayyan's 1.5 Lt bottle is an attractive package designed for assorted use. It is the perfect bottle for that special occasion with family and friends.

5 gallon

5 gallon (18.9 Lt) natural mineral water bottles 'Water 24/7'
The 5 gallon package is perfectly designed for "at home" or "at the office" consumption – for direct delivery from the source to your home see contact details.

For direct delivery from source to your home or your office, please contact sales on the following e-mail address’ and contact numbers
e-mail : sales@rayyanwater.com |
Direct Line: +974 44436999


  • Rayyan Mineral Water Company has a robust Quality Management System in place and is annually audited by Quality Austria Gulf.
  • Rayyan Mineral Water Company has its own Quality Policy to maintain world class standards in line with ISO systems.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems implemented and certified since 2008.
  • Certified for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) by Quality Austria Gulf in 2011.
  • Zero chlorine system and naturally pure well water from deep wells.
  • The quality of the water is tested by accredited laboratories and exceeds the standards of World Health Organization.
  • Rayyan Water is tested by our quality department on 7. hourly basis to insure the highest standards are maintained.


Rayyan cares about the environmental impact


Kids Corner

New Exciting Kids Bottle Launched



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